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  • Meet & Eat 2017

    Join us for a night of good food and good company!
    Mark your calendars: Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 7.30pm at Kaw Kaw SG

  • Our Programmes

    These are a few of the programmes we ran

    Windows On Work

    Windows On Work (WOW) is a programme that simulate various scenarios which allow the participants to understand and have a realistic experience of a real life working environment. Divided into three phases, participants get to pick up useful soft skills such as project management, CV writing, personal grooming, presentation and interviewing skills. They will also get to know more about the principles of business.

    Corporate Leadership Series

    A series of interactive talks led by professionals from various industries for tertiary students and young professionals. Open to participants who want to explore opportunities to upgrade themselves further in a particular industry. Allow participants to interact with industry leaders, gain insight, and upgrade themselves. 

    Corporate Leadership Series Xperience

    An upgrade from yAMP CLS talks. The programme allows participants to have a more hands on learning experience. Young professionals and tertiary students get the opportunity to have a guided tour around a chosen industry.

  • Common [ ] Space

    A co-working space for startups and growing businesses

    An initiative by the Association of Muslim Professionals Singapore

    Powered by Young AMP

  • Windows On Work (WOW)

    For the budding professionals

    Entrepreneurship & Personal Development

    We want to help you to help you.

    WOW introduces what “work life” is like in an interactive approach. Participants will be introduced to what a start-up business is through experiential learning. Participants also learn about Networking and experience Work Shadowing for a more realistic and holistic experience.


    Through this programme, we hope to...

    1. Get you thinking on career choices
    2. Keep you informed of latest trends in employment
    3. Give you a teaser on required employability and soft skills in the working/business world
    4. Learn about workplace challenges and issues in a fun experential way


    You should be part of WOW because...

    • You can be steps ahead of your peers in preparing for the working world
    • You get exposure to a real life working environment
    • You gain insights on what you want for your future
    • You will be equipped with the relevant and important soft & hard skills
    • Be relevant to the working world of your time
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  • About Young AMP

    Young AMP is the youth wing of the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Singapore. We were officially launched on October 10th, 2004 by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan at the Inaugural Young Professionals Summit. The role of Young AMP is to provide platforms or avenues for interested youths and young professionals to carry on AMP's mission contributing to the overall aspiration of creating a dynamic Muslim community.


    To mobilise young professionals' role in the advancement of the Muslim community


    Empowered, Connected, Compassionate


    Association of Muslim Professionals

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